Caregiving vs. Caregifting...Mindset is key

This selfcare thing starts with a mindset. It's the first chapter in my book. Now I know on the surface these two words seem synonymous but energetically they are not. Many of us are natural caregivers. It's a reality for many of us to have the responsibility of taking care of children, partners, and even extended family such as our parents. For the sake of this message, giving means energy being pulled from you without refilling your cup. See, when you give in this manner you will deplete yourself and burn out...quick!

What most of us are doing is giving and giving and giving often times stemming from feelings of guilt, obligation and shame. Obligation is a biggie when it comes to giving. I am really sorry caregiving has taken on this negative tone, I certainly didn't mean for it to be this way but the poor term has been abused and its time to address it. The definition of giving is to freely transfer possession or to hand over something with no boundary and that, my friends, is a dangerous place to be.

Now, lets put ourselves in the mindset of gifting. A gift is something you willingly give to someone...I know you are saying, "but that sounds like the same thing." just stay with me. A simple mindset change is all it takes to turn things around. When you give a gift to someone you decide on what, how much, when, where, the wrapping are in charge of how that gift is given.  When you set boundaries early on you take your caregifting to another level.  Decide that you will gift a certain thing, in a certain way to a certain person including yourself! See what I just did there? You have to include yourself in the gift giving

If you are a caregiver to your children and you take them to the park, gift yourself the same exchange. If you care for your family and you make sure everyone eats and gets sleep...please do the same for you. It's simple but not always easy but it gets easier as you practice

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