I have a confession...FOCUS is hard for me.

Yes, I have a big time problem with focus. I used to pride myself as a good multi-tasker but over the years, I have become a bit scatter brained. I find myself trying to do so much that I start and stop projects all through the day.  My brain is on hyper jet but my body doesn't move as fast. Example, I will go into the kitchen and pull out something to eat for lunch then decide to boil some water for rice then start the tea kettle for tea then start to peel a potato...before you know it I forgot that my lunch is on the counter just waiting patiently. 

I started tracking my behavior and keeping it in check...come to find out I do this thing alot. Start a project and stop right in the middle and start something else. So what do I need to do? I truly need to become more organized. I need to make a list of things to do starting with the three most important and sticking with it. I get easily distracted by other shiny things and putting out fires but I know in order to be successful and happy in my life and business, I need to be more disciplined.

So I challenge you to look at an area in your life that needs some attention...just one! and start the process of tightening it up.  If you are like me and need help with a to do list, I created one here to get you started.  I like it because it asks you to name your top three and keep the list to only 10 items. You can certainly list more but ask yourself if you are really going to get to everything. You are only going to frustrate yourself and feel overwhelmed and that's not the goal here. If you need some support come on over to our Facebook Page...I Am SelfCare Aware for tips, accountability, and more!