7 Day What's in Your Water? Challenge

I love a good challenge because well....it challenges me to stay on track with a specific task I am doing.  I am learning that about myself and many others probably feel the same.  Part of my #SelfCareAware mission is accountability.  If you read my personal story in another blog here on my website, catch it here if you didn't  you remember how I revealed that I didn't have all the answers and that we are here to help each other. Remember? Anyway that's what were up to around here.  So back to water. I have been challenged to add more water to my life many of us don't drink enough and its essential for the body to function.  We want to help and give our bodies permission to function...so let's help it do that.

I won't bore you with a bunch of statistics but a few help solidify the message I am trying to convey so here goes.  According to the experts every cell and organ in our bodies need water to do its function.  Water regulates body temperature and cools down the body. Water protects our tissues, spinal cord and joints.  I think we get the picture.

Here is the challenge. I like to put stuff in my water like fruit and veggies and such but you don't have to:

  1. Challenge is 7 days
  2. Goal is the standard 64 ounces throughout the day
  3. Join the challenge and engage at our  I am SelfCare Aware Facebook Group Page
  4. Enjoy and tell your peeps about this!