The Key to Meditation: Make the Grocery List

So I was talking with one of my massage clients and she starting asking me about meditation. Now I have only been meditating regularly for about 2 years but there are some things I've learned along the way. The biggest thing I've learned is that any practice whether it's Yoga or meditation or any spiritual practice is that it's YOUR practice. Do it your way customize it to fit your lifestyle and personality.  She told me her biggest obstacle with meditation was clearing her mind. She said, "I just can't seem to quiet my brain." I told her then don't. She gave me a strange look so I went on to explain.  Say you get comfortable, light a candle blah blah blah and then all you can think about is the grocery list you keep putting off making? That's when I told her to just make the grocery list! She laughed but I was very serious if that's what it takes to move forward then make the grocery list during your meditation obviously its something that you feel you need to do and your mind keeps reminding you to stop putting it off. Find comfort in knowing that at the end of your session you will have completed something that needed to get done.  Here's the deal...its your life make it as simple as possible there are already a bunch of things swirling around you all the time. I told her the more she practiced getting quiet the easier it will become.