I used to be that woman...

I use to jump out of bed and just start doing stuff because that's what you are supposed to to do, right? I was very busy but not very productive. My marriage was ending and my life was unhappy, unfocused and unfulfilled. A routine doctors appointment became a wake up call for me. My blood pressure was 175/112 and 7 years before that I lost my third baby .

I was not living my best life. But I was thrown a lifeline...a pedicure. It wasn't the pedicure; it was the experience...the warm environment, the privacy, the space to breathe and grieve all of my losses.  It wasn't until years later that I would become a massage therapist and create a similar experience for my clients. I learned early on that women didn't need another massage but a better massage experience one that allows for letting go in a safe, private and caring space. 

Once I started my massage practice in 2009, I knew it had to be different...a better experience for women looking for space to breathe. I believe women deserve to live healthy lives; I believe that by regularly taking time out for yourself is essential to your overall health and wellbeing. I believe that simple tools make it possible to get on the road the healthy living. I do what I do because many women don't take time out for themselves and it shows up in other ways...physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am a massage therapist and The SelfCare Savvy CEO. I create tools, products and services that help women achieve their greatest selfcare desire. Enjoy the webstire...browse in in the store and see how I can help you on your selfcare journey.

Ursula Foster is a native of sunny Southern California but has lived in metro Atlanta over 20 years.  She is a graduate of Atlanta School of Massage, where she received five certifications.  After receiving her license from the State of Georgia she founded The Recovery Room Massage to provide massage therapy to those who would not normally get a massage.  “I love to customize a massage session for the woman with a family and a full time career.   Her primary goal is to promote wellness in her community and educate others on the benefits of therapeutic massage for pain and stress relief and to show that selfcare is not once in a while thing but an act of selflove that you can do every single solitary day.