An integrative massage incorporates up to 3 or 4 specific modalities or techniques to create a customized session for each client. A typical session may include:

Swedish Massage, Deeper pressure at specific areas of tension, Stretching, Warm Stone, Visualization and Breathing Techniques for ultimate relaxation and release.

30 Minute Focus Massage - $30.00

This integrative sessions gives you the option to focus on the upper or lower body only.

The session begins with relaxing broad strokes to warm the muscles and prepare the body for deeper work.  For upper body, session includes back, neck and shoulders along with arms and hands.  Finishing with feet for closing and grounding. For lower body, session includes hips, hamstrings, calves and feet.

The S.h.e Wellness Experience - $150.00

Get ready for the SelfCare Healing Escape. Your session of selfcare begins before you even get on the massage table. Relax and unwind for a moment with a spa beverage. Enjoy a therapeutic foot soak with herbs and essential oils that include grounding techniques that help you release stress and prepare for your massage. After an intake is completed, to assess your specific needs, you are ready for a blissful 90 minute massage that includes warms towels and stones, aromatherapy, guided meditation, stretch and a quiet moment of reflection. Your session ends with a cup of herbal tea or infused water.

60 minute - $55.00

A full body integrative massage that includes up to 3 techniques for 1 full hour of relaxation, therapy and stillness.

90 minute - $75.00

A full body integrative massage that includes 30 extra minutes that allows for more focus on areas of discomfort or need for extra attention.

120 minute - $95.00

2 hour massages simply allow more time to address issues in the body. The session is slower  and more intentional which gives you more time to take in the experience.