What is SelfCare?


SelfCare is the deliberate and intentional actions a person initiates to care for one’s own physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  My short answer is putting you first.  The great thing about incorporating a self care plan is that it’s totally customizable…your plan is like no one else’s. So you make the rules for creating it. When you see selfcare as an essential part of your health…the whole game changes. Start here with 10 mindset shifts needed to make the change. 


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What we can learn -
How has your selfcare been working? Could it use an overhaul?

I really need to tell you that your selfcare plan won't work unless you do. I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but even your wellbeing has to be scheduled in and fiercely protected. Selfcare has to become personal. If your plan isn't quite coming together, I want you to think about what happened:
 1. You have no plan
 2. Your plan was unrealistic
 3. You started and fell off track
 4. Got too distracted
 5. Tried to do it alone; secretly